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Project.KB is thrilled to announce that our studio is open!

The Studio will be a vital resource in the community of Brooklyn and Brownsville for subsidized rentals and free dance programing, in addition to other interdisciplinary arts and opportunities.

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During 2022-2023, we raised over $21,000 in funds to renovate our space and be able to offer sustainable teaching fees to our amazing teachers during a five month period.

In 2023-2024 we raised an additional $15,000 to help complete the project and allow us to open the doors for Summer 2024.


Our goal for 2024 and beyond is to raise $60,000 per year towards year-round teaching fees, studio maintenance, studio manager, and more renovations towards our production goals.

Our production goals allow musicians, photographers, videographers, and other artists to utilize our space for rentals, rehearsals, performances, and recordings at a professional caliber.

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Studio.KB is Open

Donate via Fractured Atlas

Can you help us reach our yearly goals of $60,000

Your support enables us to offer:

  • Free weekly movement classes for youth, adults, and seniors

  • A production studio

  • Performances and open rehearsals

  • Mentorship programs for creative entrepreneurship skills

  • Quarterly interdisciplinary arts master classes

  • Event space

  • Space Maintenance and Utilities

  • Studio Management

Why support this vision, an artistic journey to enlightenment?

Out of 128,369 residents in Brownsville, 34,505 are youth.
96.2% of the population identify as a person of color with an overall majority of 68.4% who identify as black. Support minority neighborhoods.

The poverty rate in Brownsville was 34.3% in
2019 compared to 16.0% citywide. Accessibility to dance is vital.

The rate of adult psychiatric hospitalizations in
Brownsville is more than two times the Brooklyn and NYC rates. Mental Health Awareness is imminent. 

Our expenses:

  • 38% of our budget supports teaching salaries for free classes.

  • $22,500 is allocated for two teachers in ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, Latin styles, and a family-focused meditation class.

We will also offer quarterly workshops about creative entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary arts.

  • Literary Arts

  • Photography/Videography

  • Production Management

  • Free Headshots

The space is 705 square feet with 15 feet tall ceilings that will host Brownsville-based dance company Project.KB. Our goal is within two years time we are able to extend the space during the warm months to accommodate larger classes and workshops for the community. Rehearsals and performances of Project.KB will be open to the public.

Our aim is for other Brooklyn-based artists to utilize the space as a rehearsal space, production space, and event space. Additionally, Project.KB would like to co-produce a seasonal performance-based festival featuring a curation of artists. We will also offer other workshops and classes within an overall broader subject in regards to creative entrepreneurship. 

The space will have a complete and highly capable lighting board. The floors will be proper dance Marley floors that are sprung to prevent injuries in class. 

We know that with two years of programming, Project.KB will have tangible data regarding our impact. This will give us the resources and time to find other sources of income: educational grants, arts grants, corporate sponsors, production rentals.


Interested in partnering with us in regards to our Brooklyn-based space?

We are prioritizing partners who are based in Brooklyn, Brownsville, East New York.

Organizations who focus on:


  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Creative Entrepreneurship

  • Dance

  • Senior Programming

  • Youth Programming

Contact us at to schedule a meeting.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, contacts, and people who are interested in supporting the arts, Brooklyn, and Brownsville. Let's connect and set up a time to chat. Your support and help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kristina Bermudez

Donate to Project.KB through Fractured Atlas
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