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The overlapping and overwhelming feelings of socioeconomic inequality and finding love. "Avalanche" touches on humankind's effects on global warming and how both this planet and humanity are experiencing uncertainty and change, unveiling the difficulty of grappling extreme emotional states. The work displays an avalanche of shapes, strong modern dance, and a tumult of sentiments. Then contrasted with dreamier and whimsical through contemporary and hiphop styles. Choreographically, the work showcases intricate partnering work, rhythmic and spatial patterns, loops and retrogrades to artistically expose the intrinsic ways in which we all experience life.

We'd like to continue expanding upon this work. First and foremost, clarity and specificity for live versions of this piece. Additionally, incorporate some of our multidisciplinary work. We want to highlight the artistic commentary on global warming through immersive high resolution projections. If you are interested in exploring this work with us please contact Project.KB


Daan Bootsma

Ashley Chavonne

Iren Kamyshev

Kristina Bermudez (Choreographer)


Nate Tucker (Beat Blur), ESHÉ ALL DAY HUES (TOOCLOSE & I'VE BEEN SLEPT ON), Gabriel Prokofiev (String Quartet No. 2: Allegro - Marcas Lancaster Remix)

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