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How does audience participation and perspective provide accessibility, add value to their experience, and enhance the outcome for both performer and audience? Could it guide us to be more present, honest, and vulnerable? Collaboration brings risk.

Bermudez continuously challenges the traditions of concert dance and their impact on audiences. Her work focuses on selfhood through self-reflection, relational dynamics, and building aware communities.


"THIS.YOU", a multimedia installation, will investigate the psychological/physical behavioral dynamics of relationships; romantic, familial, and friendly through immersive experience. Focusing on two dynamics; social pressure and codependency, and three components of psyche; narrative, perspective, and cognitive, it explores the effects on a person’s ‘innate desire’. Innate desire, as in an individual’s uninhibited inner yearning, is the search for selfhood pursued in intimate relationships, career choices, social circles, and home lives. Presented in the round in a gallery-like setting, this evening-length collaborative performance combines dance with immersive technology, live original music, visual art, and spoken word to confront differences between our internal and external worlds, exposing the dualities inherent to desire. "THIS.YOU" makes way for discovery and narrative, rare to experience by both performer and audience alike. The work will exhibit the intimacy and difficulty of partnering work presented through various perspectives and vantage points, where each collaborator has an equal voice.

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M E E T  T H E  A R T I S T S  I N V O L V E D  I N  T H E  D E V E L O P M E N T  O F  T H I S . Y O U  !

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