Thank you for being here.

As the Artistic Director of Project.KB - I want to give you as much information as possible regarding our 2022 fundraiser for a production and dance studio in Brownsville. This is our first and largest fundraiser to date. When we reach our $60,000 goal by December, this investment will go a long ways and impact so many lives here in our neighborhood. My name is Kristina Bermudez and it is my vision to build an interdisciplinary production studio in Brownsville that will offer both free and low-cost resources to individuals and artists both free and low-cost

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The Plan.

The space will open by Summer 2023.

The plan is to first and foremost offer two youth and adult classes free to the public. The styles will range from classical styles such as ballet and modern to social styles such as latin and hip-hop and occur after school. Saturdays will host a Finding Meditation through Movement class that is meant to grow team building skills in conjunction with a movement and creative thinking-based class. Overtime we hope to expand our class offerings at affordable subsidized rates.


The space is 705 square feet with 15 feet tall ceilings that will host Brownsville-based dance company Project.KB. Our goal is within two years time we are able to extend the space during the warm months to accommodate larger classes and workshops for the community. Rehearsals and performances of Project.KB will be open to the public.

Our aim is for other Brooklyn-based artists to utilize the space as a rehearsal space, production space, and event space. Additionally, Project.KB would like to co-produce a seasonal performance-based festival featuring a curation of artists. We will also offer other workshops and classes within an overall broader subject in regards to creative entrepreneurship. 

The space will have a complete and highly capable lighting board. The floors will be proper dance Marley floors that are sprung to prevent injuries in class. 

The funds are going to three main purposes in this order:

1.) Construction and Supplies

We've got to re-stabalize the walls and roof.
Install dance floors and dry walls.

Redo garage door.

Install lighting grid, AC, and heater.

Labor and supply costs.

2.) Teaching Artist Salaries for two years.

1 day a week, two classes.

3.) Marketing & PR

We know that with two years of programming, Project.KB will have tangible data regarding our impact. This will give us time to find other ways to be financially self sufficient as well as awarded yearly educational and arts & culture grants.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, contacts, and people who are interested in supporting the arts, Brooklyn, and Brownsville. Let's connect and set up a time to chat. Your support and help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Kristina Bermudez