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Project.KB is a production organization that brings creative experiences to audiences in an impactful way. The production team has a choreographic eye and agility to capture collaborative visions movingly. Every aspect of physicality and movement is expertly evaluated, curated, and interpreted. Additionally, Project.KB offers authentic artistry through our network of artists, dancers, and actors. Our Work is Multidisciplinary using mediums such as film, dance choreography, fashion, original music, visual art, immersive technology, spoken word, and optical illusions. We can produce content, live events, films, and music videos based on your artistic needs.

We utilize our creative productions to provide new experiences and build a path towards enlightenment. At Project. KB we believe in the cathartic power of the arts to relieve the burdens of socio-economic stress and build community. This includes a brand focus on social sustainability and being eco-conscious. 


Furthermore, we invite our audiences into the creative process by providing behind the scenes opportunities during pre, production, and post to engage audiences and offer insight into the collaborative process. When working with Project.KB, you are receiving one of a kind services while simultaneously providing educational opportunities to the local and virtual community. We are continuously evolving and remain mindful to consumption and creating work that is sustainable. The work environment is open minded, adaptive, and we prioritize making our clients and employees heard in order to fulfill our mission to offer sustainable working environments. 

Reach out to to inquire more about any of our initiatives with KB Creative Productions.

Project.KB Creative Production

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