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Photo by Christian Zelder

  • Fostering Brownsville's future creative entrepreneurs.

  • Our mission is to create environmental and social change by utilizing the creative process to build a sustainable economy through dance.

  • To diversify the local economy through dance, providing not only employment opportunities to artists but to strengthen local community ties through the arts.

Our unique Perspective
Our unique perspective
Our Community

Diversity and Inclusion Statement​


Project.KB is committed to continuing to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do – from the process of content creation to how we build our workforce.

Project.KB is working hard and expanding our programming to fulfil that vision. In the past two years we’ve increased our in-person programming from three to six months in length. We’ve doubled the number of free classes we offer to our community and have been able to offer more job opportunities to our artists. We’ve expanded our operating team and the number of artistic collaborators we work with. As a new organization, operating at this scale brings risk, but our team thoroughly believes in our mission and are more than capable to accomplish our goals. This commitment brings an elevated level of responsibility to everything we do, including a workforce that’s more representative of our audience and a workplace that creates a sense of belonging for everyone. Thank you for trusting and believing us on this journey.

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