an immersive evening

There is a duality in this work similar to that of the title “THIS.YOU” ; our states of being when alone versus in a community. How do our perspectives change internally;  our intentions, desires, the way we communicate and express ourselves? With the use of technology such as go pros, iPhones, radio remote controls, projectors, and more it becomes possible to examine these perspectives with an external point of view. Kristina's use of multimedia keeps the audience on their toes, playing the subtle difference between storytelling and momentum while keeping the audience involved. THIS.YOU, presents their relationship through a juxtaposition of personal statements, duets, and group research that explore qualities such as trusting, sharing, toxicity, and vulnerability.

THIS.YOU was premiered on December 7th, 2019 in Long Island City, NY as an immersive evening length, to a sold out audience both shows, with original musical composition by Nate Tucker, immersive technology provided by Integrated Visions, spoken word, and dance - choreographed and directed by Kristina Bermudez in collaboration with artists. 

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M E E T   T H E   A R T I S T S  W H O   H E L P E D   M A K E   T H I S . Y O U   H A P P E N !

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Iren Kamyshev

was born in Estonia and grew up in Israel. She served the IDF as an outstanding dancer & is a Graduate of 'Maslul' Professional Dance Program dir. by Naomi Perlov (Angelin Preljocaj). Iren received her B.A in Dance & a teaching certification from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. She is an experienced freelance dancer, recently moved to NYC, and collaboratively worked with many choreographers in Israel and California: Iris Marko, Bianca Cabrera, Ayelet, Cohen, Lilach Orenstein, & more.

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