Photo by  Steven Lopez


Photo by  Steven Lopez


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 K r i s t i n a   A l e x a n d r i a   B e r m u d e z  &  P R O J E C T . K B

Kristina Alexandria Bermudez is a director, choreographer, actor, and dance artist. In 2020, she formed Kristina Bermudez Creative Developments LLC, also known as Project.KB , a creative non profit production organization based in Brownsville, NY. Her choreographic work has been selected for the NEXT@Graham Dance Festival presented by Martha Graham Company, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning’s Making Moves Dance Festival, and has showcased her work at venues such as Judson Memorial Church and the Williamsburg Hotel. She recently completed a residency and commission with the Boston Conservatory at Berklee to create a short film debuting the first-year students. Currently, she is partnered and in residency with the Downtown Brooklyn Initiative hosting weekly open rehearsals for the public to participate in. The distribution, creative process, and consumption is the work. Project.KB is Creating A Sustainable Economy For Dance. Her work fosters inclusiveness, accessibility, and community through radical audience participation, immersive experiences, non-traditional staging, and multidisciplinary forms while maintaining focus on sustainability; to sustain a healthy balance between your mind, body, and soul, sustain paid work in creative careers, and be eco-conscious while doing so. Kristina has released Krissy B, eco-friendly creative merchandising that blends street-style, art niche aesthetics, and helps support Project.KB programming.


Photo by Christina Paik