1.) To be inclusive, accessible, and share the education of art creation through radical public participation and building an engaged community.


2.)   To create a sustainable economy for dance and performance while maintaining the intellectual process of making work in relationship to its form and history.


3.) To make original and collaborative, live and digital, performance-based work that challenges the role of audiences and directly reflects narratives sourced from both artistic collaborators and continuous community feedback. 


Photo by Christian Zelder

“Continuous Developmental Method” is a choreographic practice I am creating that focuses on exercising simplicity and openness; using primary ideas as the foundation for new work or taking complex ideas and streamlining them to their purest form.  Sourcing inspiration from ongoing discussions with audiences and communities as well as other mediums such as writing and improvisational prompts, music, literature, movies, visual art, and video recording in rehearsals allows me to maintain a fresh perspective. Hosting frequent open rehearsals and community functions will build an engaged community and following. Complexity and depth in the work are results of artistic collaboration, a vital element in my creative process. In addition, retrograding, the practice of taking the existing phrase work and learning the reverse of it, in compilation with choreographic tools such as quality manipulation, punctuation/timing, relative size, cut and pasting, allows for the experimentation and expansion of the choreography. Influential choreographers and teachers include Diane Arvanites, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Twyla Tharp, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Jodi Melnick, and Danny Buraczeski for their choreographic practices and collaborative processes. Recent projects include installation work, augmented reality, and immersive experiences utilizing contemporary dance styles and technology. My work aims to collapse the space between invested art patrons and those who’ve had little to no exposure to the arts. A portion of all proceeds from PROJECT.KB will be additionally donated to Save the Children's HEART program which focuses on healing and education through the arts. 


2021 Offerings

Free meditation class will be offered 6:15 am - 6:45 am Tuesdays - Fridays in Brownsville, NY 

(ages 18+)

Free movement and choreography class will be offered in Brownsville, NY once a week

(ages 3 - 18 )

Subsidized class rates available

Space rentals available

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