Creating environmental and social change by utilizing the creative process to build a sustainable economy for dance. 

1.) Create innovative collaborative work that engages our audiences, builds community, practices inclusivity, and practices accessibility through radical methods of public participation.

2.) Educate and offer resources that develop creative entrepreneurship through collaborative partnerships with sustainably-focused organizations. 

3.)   Find holistic well-being in our minds, bodies, and spirits in order create a sustainable economy and network for dance and creativity in Brooklyn, Queens, East New York, but also engage virtually.


Photo by Christian Zelder

Project.KB is a dance-focused, multidisciplinary production organization based in Brownsville, NY, building a sustainable economy in the arts by providing accessible opportunities through our multimedia productions, public programming, education in creative entrepreneurship, and by taking a community-building approach that is based in mindfulness. We aim to establish a financially self-sufficient institution that utilizes eco-conscious practices, to provide paid opportunities to our creatives and team members, and to equip our community with insights for sustaining both their personal and professional lives. Creatively, we are dedicated to producing innovative work that highlights sustainability in the personal, interpersonal, and environmental realms.

2021 Offerings and Events


*Project.KB Productions is open and currently taking inquiries. Please reach out to to get your project started!

*Movement & Meditation (for all) 

Free Weekly Registration

Every Tuesday 9:30 am - 10:00 am EST

LIVE on IG @_projectkb

& on Clubhouse (audio only) @kristinabermudez

*In The Dressing Room - a weekly Instagram Live Interview in partnership with BRIC Media Arts

Weekly interview series with Creative Experts about the collaborative process, our missions/visions and upcoming events for our communities. Presented LIVE on IG and then in partnership with BRIC Media Arts through their public television programming. @_projectkb

Resuming December 1st 2021

Coming soon:

In Person - Free Finding Meditation through Movement (Location: Brownsville)

Free Movement-based and Creative Thinking/Problem Solving classes will be offered in Brownsville, NY once a week

(ages 3 - 18 )

Space rentals available.

Production rentals available.

Subsidized class rates available.

Please consider donating! Your donations make a world of a difference and are tax-deductable. We are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

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Founder  & Artistic Director - Kristina Bermudez

Director of Business Development - Gulzhannat Shingissova