1.) To use radical methods of public participation to be inclusive, accessible, and sustainable while creating innovative collaborative work that engages to our audiences.


2.) To provide education in Creative Entrepreneurship and partner with sustainably-focused brands to offer resources to build strong communities and find a collective well-being in our mind, bodies, and spirits.


3.)   To create a sustainable economy and network for dance and creativity in Brooklyn, Queens, East New York, but also engage globally.


Photo by Christian Zelder

Project.KB focuses on ways to translate dance/movement for consumption in an inclusive, sustainable, and accessible way. We are a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary production company who focuses on collaboration, audience participation, and immersive technology, in order to enrich the arts and culture within our community as well as provide education through hands-on opportunities and behind the scenes experiences. Project.KB aims to provide local impact in Brooklyn, Brownsville, and East New York communities as well as continue building global networks and opportunities.


Project.KB is Making the Sustainable Attainable through Multidisciplinary Art.


Work by Project.KB directly reflects narratives sourced from artistic collaborators, form, history, and community feedback. The importance of perspective and representation is presented through detailed, intimate dance partnering and punctuative choreography, fused with selections of fine art and mixed media to support a narrative arc. 


Our goal is to contribute to society by creating a sustainable economy and network for dance and creativity. To make innovative art that provides equal opportunity for both a local community and global community to learn various creative skills in order to help shape the desires of achievement and aspiration for the youth. To help the development of Brownsville from an underprivileged neighborhood that stands as a statistic for the highest concentration of public housing in the nation and one of Brooklyn's most dangerous neighborhoods, to a neighborhood that unites communities, attracts tourists, and fosters multidisciplinary opportunities in the arts.


2021 Offerings

Open Rehearsals with Downtown Brooklyn Rehearsal Residency Initiative every Thursday May 27th - July1st in Metrotech Commons or 300 Ashland (check Project.KB Instagram for updated locations!)


We are currently producing video content. Please reach out to kbcreativedevelopments@gmail.com to inquire on how to get your project started!

We've partnered with VIDA! March 11th, 2021 - continuous.

We are doing weekly pop-up shops/performances throughout Brooklyn with giveaways from VIDA!

Follow @___project.KB on Instagram to find out where we'll be every week. 

Movement & Meditation (for all)

Every Friday 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST

Clubhouse @kristinabermudez

Coming soon:

Free meditation class will be offered 6:15 am - 6:45 am Tuesdays - Fridays in Brownsville, NY 

(ages 18+)

Free movement and choreography class will be offered in Brownsville, NY once a week

(ages 3 - 18 )

Space rentals available.

Production rentals available.

Subsidized class rates available.

Please consider donating! Your donations make a world of a difference and are tax-deductable. We are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.

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Founder  & Artistic Director - Kristina Bermudez

Director of Business Development - Gulzhannat Shingissova