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 Finding Meditation through Movement

Finding Meditation through Movement Workshop Lab Series is designed to abstractly reflect on everyday tasks to find a tangible relationship between the physical body, sensation, and problem solving. The purpose of this class is to find moments of peace within ourselves and to allow the subconscious to digest. We continue the work by transitioning our physical findings into a series of steps, otherwise known as choreography, to build structures and practice team-building exercises in small group settings.  These team building activities help individuals to experiment with and practice compromise, decision-making-skills, trust, listening, public speaking, and presentation skills. The Finding Meditation Through Movement workshop labs help confront our internal being, pay attention to breath, and hone in the ability to control and redirect our energy and thoughts.

Anywhere! Outdoors, Indoors, and Virtually, in order to practice accessibility and inclusivity. This class can be offered as an ongoing program,  3-month weekly commitment, or as a 5-class master series, however to be optimally beneficial. The Finding Meditation Through Movement class series varies at length (1 - 3 hours) depending on your needs and schedule. Additionally, we also offer a 30 minute version that focuses more heavily on the movement and meditation aspect and less on team building skills. 


This workshop lab series is not only beneficial for promoting good mental mental health practices, but also encourages movement, exercise, and team building skills. It is known that meditation, dance, creative thinking, and thus exercise are vital elements in minimizing symptoms from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. Additionally, individuals and groups are suffering due to the effects of self-isolation and other circumstances caused by the Pandemic. Project.KB knows that meditation and movement benefits the spiritual self and raises our level of consciousness which will positively impact our future as a society and our bodies as a whole. Regular practice increases concentration and improves focus to enhance the clarity of our thoughts which will then improve decision making. The benefits of this class series will accrue in all aspects of life including but not limited to your studies, career, social life,  and overall health. These classes are geared for all ages and groups.

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