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Photo by Steven Lopez


 K r i s t i n a   A l e x a n d r i a   B e r m u d e z 
F o u n d e r  o f

Kristina has worked as an independent freelance dance artist for various dance companies, commercial, tv/film, musical theater, music, and modeling projects, where she is fortunate to work collaboratively in diverse settings. As a choreographer and collaborator, Kristina focuses on ways to translate movement for accessible consumption. Kristina finds a balance between mind, body, and spirit through dancing, creative expression, and creative directing. She has been vegetarian for fifteen years, enjoys meditation,  and practices living with less waste in her home in Brownsville. 


Kristina Bermudez Creative Developments LLC was formed in 2020 - also known as Project.KB, a Brownsville-based multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to the constant production of new work to provide paid opportunities to artistic collaborators. Additionally, cultivating space for education during the creative process to build a sustainable economy for dance.

Kristina released KRISSY B, a sustainable streetwear brand that helps fund Project.KB programming as well as to pay all artistic collaborators.

Photo by Zane Gan